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Flexyteam is a specialised
mobile and online staffing tool
for connecting job seekers and job providers
in the art of hospitality & travel business.

The largest collection of professions and jobs in hospitality & travel business

Cuisine ∗
Confectionery & Baking ∗
Service & Marketing ∗ Hot & Cold Drinks Preparation ∗
Reception in Accommodation ∗
Housekeeping, Cleaning & Maintenance ∗
Health Resorts & Wellness ∗

Casinos ∗

This list is regularly updated.

Linking job seekers and job providers based on matching parameters

The Flexyteam app assures that job seekers only see job advertisements that match their personal profile parameters

Job providers also receive applications of job seekers who fit their requirements.

Fast, transparent and easy!

The Flexyteam application is an efficient human resources tool that enables job seekers to easily, quickly and transparently select the best job providers in real-time.


It gives employers access to candidates whose profile matches their desired parameters.

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Personalised job offers

Mobile application for job seekers.

Saves time

  • Receive job offers in real time that match your personal profile and interests.

All info at your fingertips

  • What, where, how long,

  • how much money and

  • when payment will be received.

Job offers

  • From students to pensioners.
  • For a unique event or project.
  • For seasonal or year-round work.

User friendly

  • Modern design.
  • Easy to create profile and advertisements.

  • Additional services.

"We spark creative inspiration and encourage curiosity in order to motivate and interact with each other."

Efficient solutions for small, medium and large companies!

Web application for job providers.


  • Saves time.
  • Automatic pre-selection of candidates.
  • Insights on job seekers references.

Simple and fast

  • It's simple and fast to create a job advertisement.
  • Publish the advertisement yourselves, wherever and whenever.

Unlimited use

  • Application is designed for everyday and unlimited use.

Worth it!

  • Application fees are charged depending on the size of the company and the duration of the contract.


BETA TEST version of the Flexyteam mobile application
is available in App Store and Google Play.



TEST version of the Flexyteam web application
is available on the link below.


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