Flexyteam | New solution.

  • Flexyteam is the first Slovenian SPECIALISED mobile and web application
    for work in the restaurant and tourism industry.
  • The application is an efficient human resource tool that provides SIMPLE. FAST and CLEAR access to available job seekers whose profiles match your job advertisement in real time.
  • The Flexyteam application is designed to deliver EFFECTIVE results in the field of human resources. SAVING TIME, WORTHWHILE AND PROFESSIONAL.
  • The application is a practical tool for company PROMOTION in the field of HR.

Features | Web application for job providers.


The largest collection of professions and jobs in the restaurant – tourism industry in Slovenia which is regularly updated based on your needs and wishes.


UNITED DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL for all FORMS of work – from students to pensioners, from events to year-round work.


All job seekers who match your requests receive your job advertisement immediately after being published.


Immediate ACCESS TO THE CANDIDATE PROFILE that responds to your offer. Confirm cooperation with the selected candidate WITH JUST ONE CLICK.


After an interest in work, a chat window opens between the job seeker and provider, which enables easy communication BEFORE, DURING and AFTER cooperation.


Mutual evaluation AFTER EVERY CO-OPERATION, has a significant impact on the positive development of personnel and contributes to improving the work processes in the company. Access to ratings REDUCES THE RISK in the selection of new candidates.

How does it work? | Web application.

  1. Register your company.
  2. Create your company profile.
  3. Prepare and post your job advertisements.
  4. Get real time information on number of people that have viewed your advertisement and how many have applied for the work.
  5. Regularly check the profile of job applicants.
  6. Using chat, get in touch with the job seekers and send them any additional instructions or questions.
  7. With one click confirm cooperation with potential candidates.
  8. After the work is completed, rate your experience with your candidate.

Worthwhile | Solution

  • APPLICATION USER FEES are charged depending on the size of your company and the period of use.
  • Join Flexyteam today and start your FREE 14-DAY trial.
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