About us

Our story

Flexyteam Ltd. was established in 2018 with the aim of marketing practical training and promotional activities specialised in the field of human resources and professions in the restaurant and tourism industry.


Only the right people in the right place can provide satisfaction to all stakeholders involved in the restaurant and tourism industry. Our mission is to enable people to use their competences with the best job providers.

Respect for work in hospitality is a matter of a wider community; it is a mirror of society.


We want to become a leading company in the field of implementation and marketing of vocational training services, the development of professional staff and the promotion of professions in the restaurant and tourism industry.

Our success is measured by motivated, creative and satisfied individuals and groups who develop their career through continuous learning and acquiring practical experience.

We want strategic partnerships amongst job providers, in which we will be able to build high quality and professionally competent personnel.


Our values are inspired by those that give you a happy life at work:

  • professionalism,
  • sustainable operations,
  • team work,
  • lifelong learning and
  • flexibility.

Flexyteam co-creators

Maja Križmančič

Founder & CEO

Marinela Veškovo

Digital marketing

Tadej Kanižar

IT specialist and programmer

Robi Križmančič

Art director & brand designer

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